Optimal Base Solutions for Shipping Containers

Optimal Base Solutions for Shipping Containers

When you buy a shipping container online, it's important to think about where you'll place it and whether the foundation is suitable. If you're only using it briefly, like for a weekend move, a flat and solid surface is enough. But for longer periods, having a proper foundation matters.

why a foundation matters:

Prevent Sinking: Shipping containers are heavy. Without a solid foundation, they might sink into the ground over time, especially if the soil is soft. The weight of the container and its contents can worsen this.

Keep Level: A good foundation keeps the container level. Shifting or warping can cause structural problems like uneven floors and doors that don't work properly.

Reduce Corrosion: A proper foundation prevents rust by raising the container off the ground, keeping it away from groundwater that can cause corrosion.

Choosing the right foundation depends on how long you plan to keep the container in one place:

Short-term Foundations:

Blocking: Placing the container on concrete blocks helps keep it off the ground and prevents corrosion. Don't stack blocks too high, as this can make the foundation unstable.

Railroad Ties: Using these wooden pieces as a foundation lifts the container off the ground and helps with moving it later. 

Long-term Foundations:

Concrete Slab: A thick concrete slab acts as a barrier, protecting the container from corrosion, water, and pests. This is a more expensive option.

Concrete Strip (Trench) Foundation: This involves sunken concrete walls and is useful when you need utility lines under the container.

Pile Foundation: Solid steel piles are driven into the ground, making this ideal for soft soil regions.

Pier Foundation: Cylindrical concrete piers support the container corners, ensuring proper weight distribution.

Always make sure to choose the right foundation based on factors like soil type, climate, and your plans for the container. Proper planning and execution will prolong the lifespan of your shipping container, whether you're using it for storage, a home, or other purposes.

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